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How to Select the Right Wig Color for Your Complexion

If you have an oval face, you are the lucky one because every hairstyle goes well with your face. Thus, you can pick any style of wigs in Glasgow that may be in trend or any that you like to wear – be it straight, curly, wavy, and short or long, everything is perfect when it comes to the oval face!

For round face, you must choose a wig that reveals your best features and conceals your flaws. Make your face look slimmer – to do this; choose a wig with heightened crown area and something that frames your face.

If you possess a square face, you better look for a hair in a Glasgow Wig Shop that helps you make the edges of your face softer. This can be achieved by a wig with a style closer to the face. Side-parting wigs would best solve the issue.

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by being more at the brow line than at the jaw line. Your aim should be to give a symmetrical look to your face. Therefore, go for wigs from Glasgow Wig Shops that have fullness at the bottom and no height at the crown or at the sides. Mid-length hair wigs can suit heart-shaped faces the best.

People with oblong face should have their target set to make their face look wide. This purpose can best be served by curly or wavy wigs. You can add width to your face by going for a wig that ends at the middle of your neck. Avoid long hair or layered style wigs.

In case of triangle shaped face, you must end up with curly or layered style wigs as they would add proportion to your face.

If your face is narrow, try to provide it a round look for balancing it out. Bob style wigs or Glasgow Wig Shops , the wigs with curls and waves would work the best for you.

Apart from facial structure, also keep your physique in mind. If you are heavy on the back, wear long hair to cover your lumps and bumps, whereas in case of having petite shoulders, look for long length hair to cover them up.
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